How to Make Black Coffee: Best Ways to Prepare Black Coffee Recipe

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                    "Do you know How to make Black Coffee"
               "How do you often prepare a cup of black coffee"

Making a cup of black coffee may not be a difficult task but still, there are
some of the best ways to brew a black coffee cup. Black coffee has a lot of
health benefits as discussed in our previous article. It is one among the
best types of coffee that people love to drink. It is recommended to consume
3-4 cups of black coffee recipe daily. Some other types of coffee include
espresso, robusta, costa, Nespresso coffee etc. As we know black coffee is
a type of coffee recipe where we don't add milk and sometimes also not sugar. 
We can make black coffee with machine as well as without using a machine. It can also be made directly just by pouring water and coffee into a container. It
is also synonymous with brown coffee. Both are same things as well as a
same recipe. People who work late night have a habit of drinking black
coffee regularly because it has a quality of killing sleep or it helps to loose
sleep. So, today in this article we are going to learn how we can make a 
perfect cup of black coffee. Now let us start from scratch......

how to make black coffee

Tutorial: How to Make Black Coffee

So let us move ahead guys. We will now learn how to make black coffee with
coffee powder. 

how to make black coffee

Method 1: Make Black Coffee without a Machine

First, we will cover how we can make black coffee without the help of 

Ingredients needed to Make Black Coffee

  • 1 tablespoon of coffee Powder[ depends on how you want to make]
  • 1 cup of water or more
  • 1 tablespoon of Sugar [ also depends on quantity of how much to make]
how to make black coffee

How to Brew it

  • First boil water in a Pot
  • Next, add the sugar
  • Then add the coffee powder
  • Stir it continuously till steaming
  • And your Black Coffee is ready

Method 2: Make Black with the help of a Machine

Now we will cover how we can make a cup of black coffee by using a 
coffee mixer or machine.
                               You can use a coffee machine as well as a mixer for this task...
how to make black coffee

Using a Coffee Machine

  • If you have coffee beans then grind them to extract coffee powder
  • Pour Some water into the machine
  • Now add some sugar to it as per your need
  • Next, add coffee powder
  • Wait for some time till it steams
  • And your cup of awesome black coffee is ready
  • Now Pour it into a Cup and drink
  • To make it taste better, keep it in machine for some extra time( maybe 4-5 minutes)

Using a Mixer

There is not much difference between brewing coffee in a machine or mixer.
Though coffee machine helps to make a better and good cup of joe or black
coffee recipe.
  • Pour some water into the mixer
  • Add sugar to it
  • Keep it for some time till it boils
  • Now add coffee powder to it
  • Wait till it boils or till you see the sprinkles in it
  • Turn off the mixer and let it cool down 
  • Pour it into a big cup and drink
  • Enjoy
how to make black coffee

how to make black coffee

Video 1: How to Make Black Coffee Recipe

I have also put together some tutorials on How to prepare a perfect
cup of black coffee.

Video 2: Preparing a Cup of Black Coffee with Coffee Powder


So this was all about how to make black coffee for weight loss or any other
benefit. We have tried to put together the best ways to prepare black coffee
at home in this article. In the next post, we will be covering and focusing on
some other types of coffee recipes. We will also be adding some more stuff 
related to black coffee on this blog, so stay tuned with us.
                                               If you have any questions or queries related to this post
then feel to ask them in below comments section as we love to hear from our
readers. Do share this article with your friends because we like social shares
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