20+ Black Coffee Benefits for Good Health: Why Should you Often Drink it?

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   "So today we are going to learn about Black Coffee Health Benefits"   
                        "How often do you drink Black Coffee?"
 "Do you know that Black coffee has plenty of benefits for good health?"

Coffee is a brewed drink that is made from coffee beans. The coffee beans itself
are the seeds of the berries of the Coffea plant. The coffee is of many types
like Espresso, Cappuccino, Robusta etc. One among these types is also black
coffee. It is a type of coffee which is made and served without adding milk and
sometimes without sugar. Black Coffee has a lot of benefits for health and 
Skin. So in this article, we are going to discuss the black coffee benefits for
health, skin, weight loss and more.
                                     Having a cup of black coffee every morning gives
us strength and energy to start our day and work. Coffee is perhaps one
among the most healthy drinks that can give a boost to our health. It
contains antioxidants and various other nutrients that are very beneficial
for our health. Whether it is a shop, office or home, coffee is made and
served everywhere. Doctors also recommend us to take black coffee because
it is very good for mental health and reduces the risk of heart diseases.
 Scientific studies reveal that the people who regularly drink coffee(especially
black coffee)  have lower chances of serious diseases[I will cover about
this in detail below]. Besides this coffee is also regarded one of the famous
drink of the world. Black coffee has another good quality to stop sleep which
can be helpful at times, especially when we want to work overnight. Now let
us move on towards the track.......

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Black Coffee Benefits for Health:

Let us first cover some basics about coffee, its types and black coffee.

black coffee benefits, health benefits

Types of Coffee

Following are the types of coffee:
  • Espresso
  • Arabica
  • Robusta
  • Cappuccino
  • Caffe Latte
  • Caf Au Lait
  • Iced Coffee
  • Caf Mocha
  • Caramel Macchiato
  • Peaberry Coffee
  • Decaff Coffee
  • Blue mountain coffee
  • Chicory Coffee
black coffee benefits, health benefits

What is Black Coffee?

Black coffee is a type of beverage which is prepared without adding the
milk or cream and sometimes sugar is also not added. It is usually
black or brown in color. We just need to pour the coffee beans into the
water during heating. Black Coffee has amazing benefits for health which
we are going to primarily cover in this article.

black coffee benefits, health benefits

Infographic: Health Benefits of Black Coffee

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black coffee benefits, health benefits
Infographic by BlackcoffeeBenefits

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20+ Health Benefits of Black Coffee

So here we go:

black coffee benefits, health benefits

1. Black Coffee makes us smarter

Coffee consists of caffeine which is a psychoactive drug, so when we consume
black coffee it travels to the body parts and at last to the brain where it
activates more neurone cells which eventually leads in boosting our memory,
energy, mood and response. The whole process roughly takes a time of 20-40
minutes. So this is one among the amazing benefits of black coffee.

2. Black Coffee reduces the risk of Heart Diseases

Another good benefit of drinking black coffee constantly is that it lowers the
risk of various diseases. Research has found that the coffee drinkers are
20% less prone to heart diseases and problems. Drinking 1-2 cups of black
coffee daily increases our heartbeat rate which is very essential for aerobic
fitness. Moreover, it also boosts the metabolism of body parts functioning.

3. Black Coffee reduces Diabetes Risk

Black coffee comprises of essential ingredients that reduce the blood
sugar and the resting metabolism rate thus decreasing the risk of
diabetes. The people who drink coffee often have lesser chances
of diabetes disease. Besides this coffee also contains some nutrients
which help our body to use insulin[ it is a hormone which stores sugar
from foods]. Black coffee reduces the risk of diabetes up to 7 percent.

4. It is Beneficial for the Liver

The other amazing benefit of black coffee is that it minimizes the risk of
various liver diseases like cirrhosis, hepatitis, fatty liver diseases etc.
Drinking about 3-4 cups of black coffee will be the best to keep our
liver healthy and stable. Research shows that the average coffee
drinkers are 80% less vulnerable to liver diseases. Furthermore, our
liver also loves black coffee. 

5. It Reduces Depression and Stress

Day to Day excess work pressure and personal problems can sometimes
also, lead to stress and depression which in turn can increase the
chance of serious heart diseases like strokes and heart attacks. Coffee
consists of elements that can lift our mood and make everything better.
Nutrients like caffeine present in the coffee stimulate the central nervous
system by increasing the production of neurotransmitters that can also
lift the mood. Consuming 1-2 cups of black coffee daily can help to reduce
stress and boost our mind.

6. Black Coffee helps to Stop Sleep

One among of the top advantages of black coffee is that it kills sleep. It
will be helpful at the when we have to do work late night. Coffee consists
of some ingredients which help to stop and lose sleep. People who work
overtime during night often have a habit of drinking black coffee. It is
beneficial to the people who have a lot of work to do especially during

7. It Reduces the Risk of Skin Cancer

I would just call this the greatest benefit of black coffee. Skin cancer also
called melanoma, it is a dangerous disease that takes place with the
development of abnormal cells and gradually spreads to the other parts of
the body. Research reveals that the caffeine present in the coffee reduces
the risk of skin cancer and other serious skin diseases. It is recommended
to drink 2-3 cups of black coffee daily to lower the risk of skin diseases.

8. Black Coffee has fat Burning Properties

Another good benefit of black coffee is that it helps to burn fat and lose
calories. The high amount of caffeine present in coffee increases our
metabolism which makes us burn more calories. It can work when we
consume it before exercise or gym workout. It is best recommended to
drink in the morning and afternoon. It is one of the top supplements to
lose weight and burn fat.

9. It decreases Muscle Pain

Muscle pain is a troublesome problem especially for the people who do gym
workouts daily. Research has found that the people who regularly drink
black coffee are less prone to muscle pain than the non-drinkers. So it
may be very beneficent to the people who do daily gym workouts, training
sessions, run longer etc.

10. Black Coffee Prevents Diseases

Coffee consists of some high amount of antioxidants which protect us
from the damage of free radicals. Black coffee usually prevents from
diseases like Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, Breast cancer,
Prostate cancer etc. Antioxidants in the coffee help to cleanse our
body from toxins. So this was another great advantage of drinking
black coffee on regular basis.

11. Improves Focus

Just another benefit of drinking black coffee is that helps to improve
focus on work and other things. Black coffee provides an increase in
mental focus and also boosts energy to do tough workouts.Improved
focus helps to do work effectively and efficiently then. It is advised
to consume 2-3 cups of black coffee daily.

12. Black Coffee gives us important Nutrients

Drinking coffee also boosts our health with essential nutrients. It
contains common nutrients like Vitamin B2, B3 and B5, Potassium,
Magnesium, Manganese etc. Research has also found that the human
body absorbs more nutrients from coffee than any other drink. These
nutrients can increase the metabolism and reduce the risk of serious
diseases. It is advised to consume 2-3 cups of coffee on daily basis.

13. It keeps our System Cleansed

Another good benefit of black coffee is that it helps us to urinate often. In
other words, coffee is a diuretic drink. Urinating frequently is considered
as a good thing because it keeps our system cleansed. It has been
found that regular coffee drinkers have low chances of urinary diseases.
Discharging urine frequently helps the human body to flush harmful bacteria
and virus. Drink 3-4 cups of black coffee daily but don't overdose it.

14. Black Coffee Keeps us Calm

Coffee keeps us calm when we just smell it. In other words just smelling
coffee makes us feel calmer. It is because the coffee smell changes the
composition of a protein in the brain that is linked with stress as a result
of the deprivation of sleep. It is advised to drink a strong of black coffee
in the morning because it freshens our mind and keeps tranquil. So this
was just another great benefit of coffee.

15. It has Anti-Cancer Properties

Black coffee consists of various elements which reduce the risk of cancerous
diseases. Research reveals that Men and Women who regularly drink black
coffee are less prone to cancer. Some ingredients in the coffee boost our
metabolism rate and help to create antibodies. It is advised to drink 2-3 
cups of black coffee daily. Coffee drinkers have 50% lesser chances of
developing cancerous diseases.

16. It improves Performance

One among the top advantages of Black coffee is that it improves the
performance of the mind and body. Studies have revealed that consuming
coffee actually before exercise can increase muscular and athletic performance.
Research has found that regular coffee drinkers have good muscular strength
than their non-drinking counterparts. It is recommended to drink 3-4 cups
of black coffee daily.

17. It gives Protection against Gout.

Another astonishing benefit of black coffee is that it protects our body from
the risk of developing gout. It is a form of inflammatory arthritis that
develops in some people who have high levels of uric acid in the body. You
can read more about Gout here. Black coffee helps to get relief from
pain, swelling and stiffness associated with gout. It is advised to drink 3-4
cups of black coffee daily to avoid muscle pain. Research shows that coffee
contains antioxidants which can reduce the risk of gout by 57 percent.

18.  It improves Cognitive Functions

Cognitive functions comprise of all those activities which lead directly to
the attainment of knowledge and information. Scientific research reveals
that the continuous consumption of black coffee can boost the cognitive
functions of the brain especially in the case of women. Caffeine present
in the coffee also reduces the cognitive deficiency in the brain. It is
recommended to take 2-3 cups of black coffee per day.

19. Black Coffee improves Cardiovascular Health

Cardiovascular diseases are the conditions that affect the blood vessels
and heart. This is another advantage of black coffee that improves our
cardiovascular health. Drinking 1-2 cups of coffee daily reduces the risk
of various cardiovascular diseases. Regular coffee drinkers have  50
percent lesser chances of cardiovascular diseases. Don't overdose it
otherwise it might increase your blood pressure. Some common
cardiovascular diseases are- hypertension, coronary artery disease, 
heart failure etc.

20. It is Good for Eyes

Yet another amazing benefit of black coffee is that it is good for eyes
especially in the morning. According to a recent study at the Cornell
university, people who consume coffee daily may have its positive
effect on eye health. It has also been found that the Chlorogenic genic
( one of the main ingredient in the coffee) can actually protect our eyes
from possible blindness and deteriorating eyesight. It is recommended to
drink 1-2  cups of black coffee daily.

21. It can Make us More Romantic

Drinking coffee at regular intervals can perhaps boost our romantic
mood. Research reveals that the people who drink black coffee
daily are more passionate and romantic towards their work and
other things. It is better to consume 2-3 cups of coffee daily
especially in the morning and before going to sleep.

black coffee benefits, health benefits

Video: Black Coffee Health Benefits

Wrapping it up:

So this was the list of 21 health benefits of black coffee. Drinking black
coffee daily can actually boost our metabolism by 11 percent. Black
coffee has now become a trend and a popular drink which people love
to consume. Drinking black coffee daily can freshen our mind but I
remind you not to overdose it otherwise it may have some negative
effects. I will be covering more on coffee and black coffee soon, so stay
tuned with us. Do follow us on Facebook and Instagram.....
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